Patch 3.2: Gears of Change has arrived!


Hello my fellow Swaggerati and happy patch day! Gears of Change has arrived, bringing new dungeons, recipes and most importantly a Tea Kettle (Nexus) to pursue. I want to take a moment to welcome back any of our returning members coming back to the game to check out the new updates. As always, your continued membership over the years is has always and will always make this company the place that it is for as long as it stands.

For those who haven’t already, you can read the full patch notes digest on the official site. Now, let’s get to work!

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Happy Holidays 2015


Happy Holidays fellow Swaggerati! Things have been quiet as of late in the FC, I think it’s safe to say the state of the game post 3.0 has taken a lot of the wind out of the sails of our primarily midcore membership. That being said, a new year is dawning and I for one treasure this FC as a place that since its inception over 3 years ago has remained a friendly, drama-free, mature community that is welcoming and helpful to its members.

As I don’t plan on quitting Final Fantasy XIV I plan to redouble my efforts to maintaining this as a home to old and future members so that when and if those members of our Swagger family return, they can return to a community they recognize. As this year begins, if you have any suggestions for events or to drive recruitment, as always let me know!

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Heavensward is Here


Heavensward is here! I wanted to take a moment to welcome back all of our returning members, those we count as new among our ranks, and those who are potentially interested in joining us.

The last few months have been productive for a small core group of us that had been focused on The Final Coil, but otherwise the company had been rather quiet. Look forward to increased activity both in game, and here on the forums as many of us will be playing a lot more thanks to the new content.

As always, if you’re interested in organizing any sort of event, or have feedback on what you’d like to see us doing, come find me in game, or let us know here on the forums. See you in the company workshop, don’t forget to bring your tools!

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Eternal Bond Ceremony: Ramsey & Liliko



This Friday the 20th of March at 8:00 PM pacific, 11:00 PM eastern Ramsey and Liliko are tying the digital knot and you’re invited! If you’re a member or friend of Swagger than you’re an important part of our lives and we’d love to see you there! There will be digital cake, plenty of room for activities and supposedly fat cats, speak to Ramsey or Liliko in game if you have yet to receive your invitation. See you all there!

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Swag Triple Triad Tournament I Winner: Charlotte



This past weekend we held our first bi-weekly Swag League Triple Triad tournament! A big thank you to everyone who showed up, and hopefully as time goes on we see more and more people confident enough in their Triple Triad skills to join the fun.

Our first winner is Charlotte Elise who defeated Baltus 2 to 1 in the final match. If you’re wondering why a tiny lawn gnome in a yukata is trolling around outside the house with Charlotte’s name over her head, that would be why. Enjoy the champion’s retainer position while it lasts, we’re coming for you in two weeks!

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